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Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 in Kinderdijk, Photography Blog

Kinderdijk Panorama

Panorama series at Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

My friend from Australia was over and it seemed a good day to have a walk through some windmills. I have taken photos here before, but now tried to capture the view of the many mills by taking multiple shots and stitching them together.

Kinderdijk-panorama-01 Kinderdijk-panorama-02 Kinderdijk-panorama-12 Kinderdijk-panorama-11 Kinderdijk-panorama-10 Kinderdijk-panorama-09 Kinderdijk-panorama-08 Kinderdijk-panorama-07 Kinderdijk-panorama-06 Kinderdijk-panorama-05 Kinderdijk-panorama-04 Kinderdijk-panorama-03