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Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Photography Blog, Skies, The Netherlands

Lightning 21-8-2015

Lightning photos of a storm passing over The Netherlands at 31 august. I played around with the shots and created some kaleidoscope images, I like the weirdness of it 🙂 I did the whole series in a black & white version as well, looks even more dramatic.

Storm-31aug15-01 Storm-31aug15-02 Storm-31aug15-03 Storm-31aug15-04 Storm-31aug15-05 Storm-31aug15-06 Storm-31aug15-07 Storm-31aug15-08 Storm-31aug15-09 Storm-31aug15-10 Storm-31aug15-11 Storm-31aug15-12 Storm-31aug15-black-01 Storm-31aug15-black-02 Storm-31aug15-black-03 Storm-31aug15-black-04 Storm-31aug15-black-05 Storm-31aug15-black-06 Storm-31aug15-black-07 Storm-31aug15-black-08 Storm-31aug15-black-09 Storm-31aug15-black-10 Storm-31aug15-black-11 Storm-31aug15-black-12