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Posted by on May 5, 2015 in Nature, Photography Blog

Watch the weather change

Herveld, May 5 2015, The Netherlands

Went out with my buddy to capture some images and video of the weather, which promised lots of lightning. Sorry enough it happened all around us, but to far away and we only saw a couple of strikes and flashes. The clouds were amazing today, lots of supercells building around.

Storm-5-5-2015-01 Storm-5-5-2015-02 Storm-5-5-2015-03 Storm-5-5-2015-04 Storm-5-5-2015-05 Storm-5-5-2015-06 Storm-5-5-2015-07 Storm-5-5-2015-08 Storm-5-5-2015-09 Storm-5-5-2015-10 Storm-5-5-2015-11 Storm-5-5-2015-12