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Travel Favorites

Slideshows featuring some of my favorite images from my Travel photography section.

What a stunning country Australia is, returning for the third time, but first ever with a DSLR, I couldn’t wait to get some great shots. Sydney is a fantastic vibrant city with a stunning coastline, which stretches all around the country!

What a delight it was to visit this beautiful country and its friendly people. My trip from Bali to Lombok, Komodo and Flores was absolutely fantastic, walking past Komodo dragons, diving with manta rays, standing at vulcano lakes…

Myanmar is a special country visit, still under military control you are restricted to certain areas of the country, but these make it so worthwile. Inle Lake makes for a fabulous boat trip or two, Bagan is beyond words, the photos say enough.

A one week driving holiday through one of the cleanest and prettiest countries in Europe, with gorgeous colored lakes, white mountain tops. The fantastic scenery and views make for many kodak moments, what a pretty country, no photographer can even take an ugly picture here.

Free Land, the food and drinks here are delicious and the choice is endless, nature is gorgeous throughout the country, the white sand beaches are mesmerizing and costs are low. No wonder this country is famous among so many people and attracts millions of visitors each year.