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Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Other, Photography Blog

Limburgs Mooiste 2015

A series of images during the Limburgs Mooiste tour race (Limburg, The Netherlands) I shot for my client to use for the website, banners and stuff. I liked the few panorama shots I took last time, so I tried that more now, timing the shots when a cyclist would be nice in the frame. Bit of a challenge, but great fun, I was lucky to have excellent weather and nice clouds, and awesome scenery to work with.

Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-01 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-02 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-03 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-04 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-05 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-06 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-07 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-08 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-09 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-10 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-11 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-12 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-13 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-14 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-15 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-16 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-17 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-18 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-19 Limburgs-Mooiste-2015-1-20