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Posted by on Jun 2, 2013 in Photography Blog, Thailand, Travel

Thailand HDR

Since creating an HDR image requires capturing a series of identically-positioned exposures, use of a tripod is essential for quality and sharpness. Five to seven exposures (three minimum) are recommended for optimum accuracy. More exposures allow the HDR algorithm to better approximate how your camera translates light into digital values, creating a more even tonal distribution.

The wonderful colors of Thailand work great for HDR images, I love to bring out the colors and details within the image for a saturated look with detail in shadow areas, HDR works great for that. High contrast images and cloudy scenes work best with the technique.

However use of a tripod is much prefferred, Photoshop does offer a alignment feature for handheld shots. Also single shot RAW files can manually be under- and overexposed to create HDR files, although these alternatives can’t be relied on for their quality and necessary low ISO settings can’t be reached by handheld.

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